Digital transformation is a term that means many things, even to an individual manufacturer. You’ve likely been in an ongoing digital transformation since you rolled out email in the ‘90s, ERP in the ‘00s, and moved to the cloud in the ‘10s, among many other technology initiatives along the way. But that piecemeal approach – employed by nearly every organization – has led many manufacturers to a fragmented digital transformation that lacks a complete vision and has doubtlessly limited its potential impact.

Today’s digital transformations must be different, however, and Gartner’s latest research on digital transformation unveils the key components necessary to bring your transformation efforts together for success.

Read Gartner’s “The 4 Critical Components to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation.”

It’s been said that most organizations implemented years’ worth of technology during the first several months of the pandemic. But the digital strides made during 2020 and even into 2021 consisted mostly of enabling remote work and moving more systems to the cloud. Since speed was critical, individual departments and rogue teams acted independently. Couple that with the fragmented approaches of the past few decades and manufacturing CIOs are left with a mishmash of strategies and tools that may or may not work in concert to achieve broader corporate goals.

Based on surveys and research, Gartner found that midsize organizations need to develop four critical components to become a truly digital organization: a cohesive strategy, an information and technology (I&T) operating model, an evolved culture, and a robust technology foundation.

Gartner goes into deep detail on each of these critical components necessary to accelerate your digital transformation. Manufacturers will read examples and tips, see visualizations of platforms and concepts, and be pointed to additional research to help you create and execute a digital transformation for 2023 and beyond.

Don’t wait. Read Gartner’s “The 4 Critical Components to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation” today.