We’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the years, helping them find the right ERP solution, set realistic goals, and put the right processes in place to turn their Cloud ERP vision into a reality. Much of our customers’ success comes from using our deep experience working with manufacturing companies. It helps them avoid the common pitfalls some manufacturers experience when taking on an important technological and change management initiative like ERP modernization. We’ve found that those who create a detailed plan and bring in the expertise they lack always end up with better results and a more valuable ERP solution.

Gartner recently published its perspectives on this same topic, tailored to the CIO. You can read “What CIOs Must Do to Avoid Disappointing ERP Initiatives” today.

Gartner lists the typical challenges companies face when embarking on an ERP initiative. One is the simple fear of failure, which adds pressure, emboldens naysayers, and encourages weakened expectations. Forgetting to solicit active participation from the business is another red flag for ERP initiatives. Especially for CIOs, that tends to turn an ERP project into an IT project rather than the operational bonanza it could have been. It also alienates business, operations, and production users so IT can’t get the frontline information needed to make an ERP project successful.

Gartner predicts that, because of these and other ERP challenges, at least 40% of recently implemented ERP projects will be seen as “disappointing” by stakeholders.

So how do CIOs ensure their ERP initiatives aren’t a disappointment? Gartner says to assemble a group of “cognitively diverse” stakeholders, have an inspiring vision, and create an emotional connection between teams and the ERP project’s success.

Of course, there’s more to it than that. Read the Gartner Research What CIOs Must Do to Avoid Disappointing ERP Initiatives to get all the details.