Get the Most Out of Rootstock Cloud ERP with the Rootstock Community

What is the Rootstock Community?

The Rootstock Community is an online destination for Rootstock customers that provides easy access to all things Rootstock, including support cases, documentation and most importantly other customers. Connect, communicate and share experiences with other users, partners and Rootstock employees.

The Rootstock Community is built on the Salesforce Community Cloud and offers a simple point-and-click interface where Rootstock customers can have discussions with each other; create and track support cases and enhancement requests; and access product documentation, release information and FAQs.

Rootstock CommunityBenefits of the Rootstock Community

The Rootstock Community is sometimes referred to as the “Success Community,” a fitting nickname for a resource dedicated to helping Rootstock customers succeed.

Here are some of the ways that your manufacturing or distribution company can benefit from the Rootstock Community:

  • Users from the community of Rootstock Cloud ERP customers can collaborate with other users to provide help on product and technical issues. Ask questions and discuss the answers in an easy-to-read message format.
  • Quickly find product information using a full-text search and then sort the search results to view the most relevant discussions and articles.
  • See the status of your current support cases and enhancement requests and open new ones.
  • Enjoy a direct line of communication with Rootstock Support reps, who monitor the Community and participate in discussions to provide answers to questions and help users get the most out of Rootstock Cloud ERP.
  • Share discussions with other users.
  • Learn about new applications like Lightning interface-based apps.

How One Company Succeeds with the Rootstock Community

Northeast Lantern is a manufacturer of hand-made, custom lighting fixtures and a Rootstock customer. Northeast Lantern Operations Manager, Dustin Almon, calls the Rootstock Community a key resource for the company. He says that the Community plays a crucial role in the company’s use of Rootstock Cloud ERP. According to Almon, “It’s a good resource to see who’s doing what because the system is so customizable, and it’s helpful to see how other people are using certain features.”

You can read more about Northeast Lantern here.

Coming Soon: The Rootstock Learning Center

Rootstock Software is dedicated to helping our customers succeed. To that end, we are going to launch the Rootstock Learning Center.

The Rootstock Learning Center is a self-training environment in which customers and partners can take online courses on a variety of Rootstock Cloud ERP subjects. The Learning Center will let you sign up for courses, track your progress and see a calendar of scheduled courses.

Rootstock Learning CenterThe bottom line is that if you are a Rootstock Cloud ERP user and you’re not using the Rootstock Community, then you are missing an opportunity to get more out of Rootstock Cloud ERP and from the experiences of Rootstock users, partners and employees.