Welcome to the first in a series of weekly installments of a new Rootstock blog series: 

Success Signals: Customer Chronicles 

Each week, we will highlight a “signal of success” for one of our customers. This series intends to showcase outcomes that our customers have experienced after digitally transforming their businesses. Hear them talk about how they have come to rely on and get excited about all things Rootstock.   

~Kelly Hamilton, Senior Manager, Customer Marketing 

Nanophase Technologies  

Nanophase Technologies Corporation is a global provider of engineered nanomaterial solutions and has been a long-time Rootstock customer. Over the past six years, we have partnered with Nanophase as they have grown in their journey and usage of Rootstock Manufacturing ERP in their manufacturing processes. I recently caught up with H. Glenn JuddVice President of Engineering, to see if the return on their investment as a company all those years ago still holds true.  

When asked if they are still consistently staying ahead on order processing times, Glenn happily shook his head, yes.   

“We are loving how Rootstock helps us manage order flow. It’s faster and gives us more visibility than ever before. All of our visibility and functions are on the platform.”  

Nanophase is still holding that 30% improvement in their order fulfillment cycle – knocking nearly two full days off their processing time with Rootstock Manufacturing ERP.  

“We are using Rootstock Mobile for our warehouse transactions as well. It’s really made doing business easy with actionable, real-time transactions and data at our fingertips.”


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