Nucleus Research Reports 223% Annual ROI for MatoukTextile Manufacturer Achieves ROI Success

Yes, you read that correctly.

In a recently published report, the ROI Case Study on Matouk, Nucleus Research examines how Matouk, a high-end textile manufacturer, achieved an annual ROI of 223% by implementing Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Rootstock Cloud ERP. The report found that, as a result of the implementation, Matouk enjoys greater visibility and productivity across all areas of its business, as well as  increased order volumes thanks to faster time to promise and increased quote accuracy.

Let’s take a step back. Maybe your company is struggling to overcome the limitations of a legacy ERP system. Or you are still using manual processes based on spreadsheets and don’t have any ERP system at all. Your employees can’t access critical business information, sales doesn’t talk to manufacturing and most departments aren’t talking to each other at all. All this has resulted in frustrated employees and restless customers.

You know that your company cannot grow unless it embraces digital technology. After an exhaustive search, you present a new technology project plan to company executives, presenting the best case for investing in a cloud-based ERP solution. But the executives only care about one thing: ROI. What’s the return on investment going to be?

Sound familiar?

This scenario is taking place across the manufacturing industry as companies look to digitally transform themselves with modern cloud platforms like Salesforce and enterprise-wide solutions like Salesforce CRM and Rootstock Cloud ERP.

But how can you be sure that the Cloud ERP software your company has selected will result in a robust return on the investment? Part of your homework is to learn how other manufacturers have achieved their ROI with similar technology upgrades. Fortunately, some of this work has already been done for you in the Nucleus Research ROI Case Study on Matouk.

About Matouk

Matouk is a family-owned, high-end bedding and bath textile manufacturer in Fall River, Massachusetts. Its more than 100 employees work in an environment where old world techniques are used side-by-side next to state of the art tools and production philosophies.

Before they implemented Salesforce and Rootstock, Matouk was using multiple applications to manage its business, including an on-premise system and a homegrown Microsoft Access application. Sales, marketing, service, finance and operations didn’t have a single view of customer and inventory data, and they lacked any means to share that information. To make matters worse, employees couldn’t access the systems or data remotely or through a mobile application. Any data sharing and updating had to be done in the office.

What Matouk needed was technology that would help it to compete with its overseas and Internet-based competitors on price, service and ability to promise.

ROI Case Study Report

The Nucleus Research ROI Case Study reports on Matouk’s journey from on-premise ERP and Microsoft Access database to Salesforce CRM and Rootstock Cloud ERP and successful ROI, including:

  • Matouk’s technology strategy
  • Key business benefits of the project
  • Key cost areas
  • How ROI was calculated
  • Detailed financial analysis

Matouk was able to improve their technology management and increase manufacturing and warehouse productivity through increased automation. Along with other direct and indirect benefits, the company has been able to modernize its business and effectively compete against both larger and smaller domestic and international competitors.

The Bottom Line

Matouk’s return on their investment was 223% measured over a payback period of six months, and they enjoyed similar average annual benefits and cost-to-benefit ratios.

Read the complete report to find out how Matouk was able to transform itself using Salesforce CRM and Rootstock Cloud ERP and enjoy a robust ROI at the same time.

50 More Ways to Get ROI from Cloud ERP

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Learn More About Matouk’s Digital Transformation

For an inside look at how Matouk transformed itself with Salesforce and Rootstock, listen to the Enterprise Times podcast, Modernising a 90 year old manufacturer. In the podcast, Stuart Kiely, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Matouk, describes the disparate systems in use at Matouk when he arrived at the company seven years ago, how Matouk selected Rootstock as their cloud ERP of choice, and how that selection has made a real difference in the company

To learn more about how Matouk solved its technology problem with Salesforce and Rootstock Cloud ERP, listen to the full podcast here.