Rootstock’s Cloud ERP software for Wholesale Distributors enables companies to efficiently manage all aspects of the Supply Chain from first customer contact through final shipping and returns. Fully integrated with the Salesforce CRM solution, Rootstock provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that include Purchasing, Warehousing, Sales, Shipping and Customer Service. Inventory can be identified by Location Id, Location Number, and optionally by Lot and Serial Number. In addition, Inventory can also be segregated by Site and Plant/Division. Inventory can be easily transferred between locations. Full cycle count reporting promotes inventory accuracy. Complete audit trails are created for all Inventory transactions and all financial information is integrated with accounting. Rootstock also retains historical data by Product, by Customer, along with other attributes, providing data for business analytics and forecasting.

Distribution companies can also use the Rootstock Bill of Materials feature to describe and manage kits and products that are assembled-to-order. Rootstock’s Sales Order Entry capabilities include a robust Available-to-Promise feature which includes Allocations and time-phased requirements. Shipments can be made directly from Suppliers to customers with Purchase Orders tied to Sales Orders. Sales tax and address verification integrations can also be included.

Rootstock supports Centralized Sales Order entry with fulfillment from multiple Distribution Centers. Sales operations can be centralized to control sales order fulfillment from multiple distribution centers (DC). Rootstock will handle all of the operational transactions for Pick, Pack, Ship, and Invoice with complete visibility on all Orders, Shipments and Returns. A complete DRP (Distribution Requirements Planning) function is part of the standard Rootstock Planning Engine. The system will automatically plan replenishments of products based upon supply, demand, forecast, and re-order point. These Requisitions can then be converted to Purchase Orders which can be consolidated across multiple distribution centers.