AI Fight Club Webinar: A Manufacturing Debate on AI’s Real Value 

Rootstock Software hosts premier panel of contrarians to discuss the role of AI in optimizing demand, supply chain, and production decisions  

San Ramon, CA (November 21, 2023) – Rootstock Software, a recognized leader in the Manufacturing Cloud ERP space, is excited to announce its upcoming webinar, “AI Fight Club: A Debate on AI’s Real Value in Manufacturing,” on Thursday, December 7, 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET. This event promises to be an energetic discussion on the potential and practical applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in manufacturing. 

AI technology vendors often promise revolutionary changes to manufacturing operations and traditional processes. This webinar offers a practical look at where manufacturers have seen true ROI from AI, what types of AI are currently delivering value, and what strategies they’re using to lay a foundation for success. 

The panel of experts includes Michael Wind, Founder and Partner at Perpetua Advisors; Sam Gupta, Principal Consultant at ElevatIQ; and Raj Badarinath, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Rootstock Software. They’ll engage in a lively exchange and review insights from Rootstock’s recent “State of AI in Manufacturing Survey.”  

“With all of the hype around AI, manufacturers are approaching it with a healthy dose of skepticism,” said Raj Badarinath. “Our panel will help them discern extravagant claims from real-world benefits. My role is to steer our panelists in a dynamic and engaging discussion, but also have them share specific examples and use cases, which will resonate with manufacturers.” 

“At Perpetua Advisors, we believe all layers of business are critical to the success of technology, including systems, data, and people,” said Michael Wind. “AI is not something manufacturers can just drop into their operations and expect instant ROI. In the webinar, we’ll discuss how AI is dependent on many facets of a business – like frontend and backend processes. Capabilities must fit well with existing infrastructure, and quality of data is crucial. In the end, AI’s most practical use, especially in manufacturing, is not to replace human effort but to augment it to optimize efficiency and decision-making.” 

Sam Gupta weighed in on his perspective for the panel: “At ElevatIQ, we approach technology from an agnostic point of view, focusing on what will truly drive success for customers. With regard to AI and ERP solutions, manufacturers are clamoring for greater understanding. My role is akin to a ‘technological therapist,’ helping clients navigate the market and identify solutions aligned with their comfort and technical maturity. I look forward to challenging the predominant AI narratives and urging attendees to focus on solutions that address tangible business problems rather than getting swept up in the latest trends. It’s also crucial to have a candid conversation about the actual readiness and relevance of AI in the manufacturing sector, which, in many cases, is still grappling with the basics of enterprise solution adoption and data management.” 

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