Innovative Manufacturers Invest in Signal Chains to Streamline Cumbersome Operations and Make Faster Decisions 

Leveraging Rootstock Manufacturing ERP to connect real-time supply and demand signals, coupled with intelligent technologies, to improve decisioning capabilities

San Ramon, CA (November 2, 2023) – Rootstock Software, a recognized leader in the Manufacturing Cloud ERP space, today announced its vision for “The Manufacturing Signal Chain.” The Signal Chain strategy was conceived in partnership with manufacturers who need real-time digital signals across their organizations, coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, to make better decisions that drive growth in an ongoing volatile market.

Manufacturers have always aimed to use streams of data to make business decisions—from sales, inventory, finance, and more. However, they utilize hundreds of enterprise and point solutions, so they often fall victim to adding more data to existing infrastructure without any overarching connection. Information becomes trapped in disjointed systems, data silos, and manual processes—failing to provide rapid, actionable insights. After recognizing this challenge, Rootstock established a Signal Chain approach that enables manufacturers to harness the power of their data within the context of today’s ever-changing supply and demand conditions.

“In manufacturing, front-office operations have experienced significant digital transformation to track customer demand. However, middle-office and back-office processes have reached a tipping point. With volatile supply chains, manufacturers now require dynamic data across a unified cloud ERP platform. In this connected and agile environment, manufacturers will have the continuous 360° visibility they need to remain competitive and resilient,” said Stu Johnson, Vice President of Product Marketing at Rootstock Software.

The vision for the Manufacturing Signal Chain is described in detail within Rootstock’s complimentary white paper. The paper outlines how manufacturers can harness a Signal Chain to deliver relevant and timely information to their material requirements planning (MRP) engines. In this way, planning for demand, supply, and capacity can be balanced in real-time.

“Manufacturers are demanding timely, digital signals over the stale and static data held in their spreadsheets. In addition, those who harness a Signal Chain strategy can more easily leverage predictive AI to enable a decisioning platform that helps optimize production to precisely and reliably fulfill customer orders,” said Raj Badarinath, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Rootstock Software. “An AI engine coupled with Cloud ERP essentially combines the Signal Chain with business intelligence, which then delivers insights that are purpose-built to drive manufacturing decisions.”

Case in point, Star Milling Company has been utilizing Rootstock Manufacturing Cloud ERP to revolutionize its operations. “Rootstock Cloud ERP provides us with real-time visibility into our supply chain and demand fluctuations. We can make more informed decisions on inventory, production, and pricing on an hourly basis. These insights enable us to optimize production runs, reduce waste, and keep our prices competitive. As more of our employees adopt and utilize Rootstock, especially with mobile capabilities on our shop floor, we envision leveraging the Signal Chain to unlock even greater efficiencies to optimize production levels,” said Greg Carls, financial controller at Star Milling Company.

Download a copy of “The Manufacturing Signal Chain” white paper here for more information on:

  • Using the Signal Chain to deliver more confident decisions
  • Sample scenarios of how manufacturers can put the Signal Chain to work
  • Challenges to assembling the Manufacturing Signal Chain
  • Using the Signal Chain to create a decisioning platform
  • How Rootstock Cloud ERP is the future of manufacturing decisioning


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