Luxury Linen Manufacturer Matouk Selects Rootstock Cloud ERP

Leveraging Platform and Salesforce Ecosystem, Rootstock ERP Creates New Benefits for Upscale Customers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 26, 2015 – Rootstock Software®, the leader in cloud manufacturing and supply chain applications, today announced that John Matouk & Company (Fall River, Mass.), manufacturer of luxury bed, bath and table linens, will be using Rootstock’s cloud manufacturing ERP software to coordinate its manufacturing data with its customer information to better service its trade, interior design and direct customers. John Matouk & Company recently expanded its domestic product capacity and underwent a facilities expansion which effectively doubled the size of its previous 47,000 square foot facility.

“We are really looking forward to being able to track profitability on a per piece basis,” emphasizes Stu Kiely, Matouk senior director of technology and marketing. “Our previous basic ERP could not do this. Now, with Rootstock manufacturing ERP, we will be able to better manage our manufacturing process, create a perpetual inventory in ERP and tie together manufacturing and customer data.”

Kiely outlined three major reasons for their decision to upgrade to Rootstock Cloud ERP.

“First of all, we wanted to move to the cloud,” explains Kiely. ”We didn’t want to have to maintain computer hardware and software plus the upgrades that are involved in an on-premise system. We wanted the cloud provider to have that job. Secondly, Rootstock ERP uses the platform which is so easy to understand that our business analysis people can use it and become more imaginative. Lastly, being on the Salesforce platform, we are able to improve our customer relationship programs. For instance, if one of our website customers orders a custom monogram on their linen, we’ll be able to update them when that embroidery is being done in the factory.”

Kiely also looks forward to using the Rootstock Capacity Planning module to gain insight into what is going through the pipeline and what is soon needed.

“In the capacity planning work bench, the user, using the easy to use ‘drag and drop’ capability, can move the ‘work order operation start date’ forward or backward and the scheduling algorithm will be executed,” reports Pat Garrehy, CEO, Rootstock. “The work order operation’s start date (and scheduled complete date) will determine which work center day slots the work order will occupy. The priority will determine the order of the listing within the work center. Those work orders in green are expected to be started within the ‘available capacity’ and those in red ‘exceed capacity.’ It is expected that the user may change the position of the work order within a work center by altering the priority and, for those work orders in red, it is expected that the user, via a ‘drag and drop’ capability, will move them to another day.”

“During the sales process, in addition to the capabilities of the software itself, we learned we could trust Rootstock’s people,” adds Kiely. “Their expertise was clear and when the salespeople weren’t 100 percent sure of something, they would call their technical people who could explain exactly what was happening. They clearly understood manufacturing itself and spent time learning our specific business and the way Matouk approaches it.”

About John Matouk & Company

In 1929, John Matouk founded a company whose mission was to provide ready access to the world’s most luxurious linens. The Matouk factory and headquarters are located in Fall River, Mass. in a world-class building featuring a solar energy system that produces over 35% of the electricity the company requires to operate. It is an environment where old world techniques live hand-in-hand with state of the art tools and production philosophies. Under the leadership of John Matouk’s grandson, George Matouk Jr., the company remains committed to our purpose of enriching the lives of our customers and their families by creating the most beautiful and beloved collection of bed and bath linens.

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