Rootstock and ComplianceQuest Cooperate to Enable Quality and Compliance

Integrated ERP and Enterprise Quality Management to Help Customers
Manage Quality Across Global Supply Chains

SAN FRANCISCO–August 2, 2016 –Rootstock, the leading provider of manufacturing and supply chain cloud ERP applications for the Salesforce platform today announced that it and ComplianceQuest, the leading provider of Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) also built on the Salesforce platform, are working together to help joint customers easily integrate Rootstock’s Manufacturing/Distribution ERP and ComplianceQuest’s Enterprise Quality Management capabilities.  The combination will let enterprises manage quality by collaborating with their supply chains and stay compliant with industry, country and customer specific regulations.

Since both companies are Salesforce OEM/ISV partners, ComplianceQuest clients will be able to more quickly, easily and affordably upgrade and deploy Rootstock’s popular ERP, which provides the most comprehensive manufacturing/distribution solution on the Salesforce platform. Rootstock customers will be able to seamlessly create and navigate to ComplianceQuest’s robust quality, compliance, content and collaboration management processes from a variety of Rootstock processes including Approved Vendor Management, PO Receipt, RMA Inspection, Sales Order Fulfilment and Production Work Order Operations.

“Our EQMS enables manufacturers and distributors to accomplish their most challenging quality, compliance and supplier management goals,” says Govardhan Muralidhar, ComplianceQuest Founder. “In many cases, Rootstock ERP customers will need a quality management solution to accomplish their most challenging quality and compliance management goals. With both solutions built using, both companies’ customers can manage quality by collaborating with their supply chains – whether global or local – several layers deep, to stay compliant with relevant regulations.”

“Rootstock strives to provide unbeatable customer value by building the most comprehensive ERP product that seamlessly integrates with best of breed solutions in adjacent areas on the Salesforce platform,” adds Pat Garrehy, CEO of Rootstock Software. “This partnership is further proof that our customers can easily get best-in-class technology solutions that extend the already compelling value that Rootstock delivers. Ultimately, when the customer wins, we all win.”

Being built on the Salesforce platform, both companies’ users can connect and collaborate with all customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders via Communities, Chatter and all popular social media platforms. Leveraging Salesforce1 mobile access, they can communicate via iPhone, iPad or Android devices. They will be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud and popular accounting solutions. Users can get useful and accurate dashboards, reports, alerts, custom metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) using a very powerful analytics, reporting and querying engine.

About ComplianceQuest

ComplianceQuest® streamlines quality, compliance, content and collaboration management initiatives and strategies across diverse, globally based supply chain networks. The ComplianceQuest suite is comprised of native Salesforce applications, capitalizing on the many benefits of the world’s most scalable, secure enterprise cloud platform.

ComplianceQuest’s enterprise quality management system (EQMS) helps manufacturers and suppliers meet their challenging quality and compliance goals by connecting all relevant quality and compliance processes across the diverse internal and external supply networks.

ComplianceQuest is available on AppExchange by, the world’s most popular marketplace for business apps.

About Rootstock Software

Rootstock Software® is a proven provider of powerful and nimble manufacturing, distribution and supply chain solutions built and deployed on the Salesforce Platform (the world’s #1 cloud computing platform). The Rootstock solutions enable real-time management of manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations from front to back, anytime and anywhere. The company’s manufacturing, distribution and supply chain apps integrate “out of the box” with Sales Cloud® by and other ERP-centric applications written on the Salesforce Platform.

With unparalleled executive experience in manufacturing and distribution software and an established base of installed and implemented cloud customers, Rootstock offers a better and more reliable way to plan and execute required activities, deliver essential information to all parts of the organization, and improve timely and informed business decision making. The Rootstock apps also provide the control and visibility required to elevate the total performance of manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations.

Rootstock is available on the AppExchange by, the world’s most popular marketplace for business apps. To learn more, please follow Rootstock on Twitter @RootstockMFG, visit our Facebook page or visit

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