Rootstock Software® Announces Two Appointments Critical to Driving Product Innovation within its Cloud ERP

Appointments Include Ramesh Sunder to VP of Products & Technology and Samuel Wood to VP of Software Engineering

San Ramon, CA (December 16, 2020)Rootstock Software, a leading provider of cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions built on the Salesforce platform, today announced two appointments critical to driving ongoing product innovation. Ramesh Sunder is appointed Vice President of Products & Technology and Samuel Wood is appointed Vice President of Software Engineering. Both report directly to Rootstock CEO Pat Garrehy.

“Ramesh and Sam have been tremendous assets to our company and our product development team,” said Pat Garrehy. “We’ve carved out distinct leadership roles for each of them, which reflect their unique skill sets and experience. We anticipate both executives will continue to have a significant impact on our product design and development. They’re closely partnered to drive product innovation, so Rootstock Cloud ERP continues to lead the market.”

Ramesh Sunder came to Rootstock a year ago with a deep ERP development background. In his new role, he’ll be responsible for Rootstock’s product roadmap from a technological standpoint, the development team, quality assurance, as well as the packaging and delivery team.

“With his in-depth knowledge of other ERP systems on the market, Ramesh has helped us build out our Cloud ERP to be a highly competitive solution. He’s driven our agile development processes and continues to incorporate leading-edge technological capabilities, such as mobile apps, data analytics, AI, and machine learning,” added Garrehy.

“Our development team is striving to not only continually modernize but also articulate our product roadmap to the market,” said Sunder. “Rootstock is uniquely positioned to help deliver value and return on investment for our customers. This starts by fully leveraging the Salesforce platform and Lightning experience. We continually strive to combine the customer experience capabilities of Salesforce with the operational excellence enabled by Rootstock Cloud ERP. We’re providing a vision of what the digital core represents – which includes ERP and CRM – and what it means for customers in terms of digitally transforming their enterprises.”

Prior to joining Rootstock, Sunder led product teams at a number of Silicon Valley startups that delivered data analytics and AI products. He worked for SAP for over a decade, leading product development and product management teams. Prior to that, he worked at PeopleSoft/Oracle and began his ERP career at Baan.

Samuel Wood has been with Rootstock since 2012. He previously served as Vice President of Development. In his new role, he spearheads Rootstock’s product roadmap from a functional perspective, drawing on his keen understanding of business processes and an ability to define and manage product specifications.

“Sam and I go way back,” said Garrehy. “He’s been on our development team the longest, so he’s intimately familiar with our architecture and highly qualified to serve as chief product architect. These changes allow him to focus solely on the product rather than day-to-day development operations.”

“I’m excited about these changes and Rootstock’s future,” said Wood. “Today, we’re well positioned as a leading ERP on the Salesforce platform. We have a rich feature set and scalable architecture, and we’re continually striving to enhance this offering. Ramesh and I have a great working relationship, and our skills are complementary. The benefit to customers is they now have both of us advancing Rootstock ERP from a functional and technological standpoint.”

Wood’s background includes nearly 30 years of ERP software design and development. Prior to joining Rootstock, he spent over 20 years at Relevant Business Systems, as both software architect and developer serving in the chief product role.

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Rootstock Software is a worldwide provider of cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform. When combined with Salesforce CRM, Rootstock Cloud ERP offers manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain organizations a single platform to grow and manage their businesses. Rootstock Cloud ERP is a flexible, modern, and digitally connected system that transforms companies to deliver a more personalized customer experience, efficiently scale operations, and out-service the competition.

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