Rootstock Software® Expands SaaS Manufacturing Planning Capabilities

Additional Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Features Added to Support Mid-Market Manufacturers

SAN RAMON, Calif, April 27, 2010 – Rootstock Software®, leading Software as a Service (SaaS) manufacturing solution provider to the mid-market, announced today that new capabilities are now available in its latest product release.  These new product enhancements within the Rootstock Software® Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module provide additional capabilities resulting in improved visibility, operational efficiencies and cost savings for mid-market manufacturers.

Rootstock MRP reviews actual customer sales orders, forecasted demand, and production bill of material information as well as current inventory balances to produce planned supplies in a time phase manner to offset the outstanding demands for end items and sub assemblies.  Specifically, Rootstock MRP generates what are termed planned work orders for manufactured items and planned purchase requisitions for purchase or subcontract items.

Rootstock MRP enhancements include bucketed supply/demand review that provides an aggregate picture of any item that shows, by user-defined ‘buckets ‘of time, the planned and firmed values of inventory, work orders, purchase orders/requisitions, etc. over the requested time period.  This also provides a complete view of the item now and the future that enables quick and easy revisions when necessary.

Forecast spreadsheet import capabilities are also now available to enable the importing of a forecast from a standard excel spreadsheet template.  Once it is imported, it will override any previous data for those specific items in that forecast.    This importing capability enables users to quickly and easily update forecasts and run MRP due to support changing customer demand.

“Rootstock is committed to providing mid-market manufacturers with an industry leading SaaS manufacturing solution”, said Patrick Garrehy, CEO and Founder of Rootstock Software®.  “We continually improve our already impressive manufacturing planning capabilities to deliver even more value and benefit to our customers.”

Rootstock Software® was launched in 2008 to response to the growing need for a SaaS solution for mid market manufacturers to cut costs, improve processes, and drive revenues.  Rootstock delivers these critical manufacturing capabilities to the under-served mid-market with minimal IT infrastructure investment. For more information about Rootstock, please visit

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