Source Outdoor Leverages Salesforce Ecosystem with Rootstock Manufacturing Cloud ERP

“We wanted total compatibility with our Salesforce CRM.”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 16, 2015 – Rootstock Software®, the leader in cloud manufacturing and supply chain applications, today announced that Source Outdoor (Miami, Fla.), a wholesaler, distributor and manufacturer of contemporary wicker and aluminum furniture, awnings and railing well matched to the upscale trade industry, has gone live with Rootstock Manufacturing Cloud ERP. As a result, Source Outdoor can more quickly and efficiently manufacture all of its own upholstery in-house offering a vast assortment of fabrics and weaves. Adhering to the strictest quality control measures, the dedicated and talented staff of artisans and craftspeople will be able to fill special fabric orders in a matter of days further separating Source Outdoor from its competition. These special orders include selections from a vast assortment of Sunbrella® fabrics or the customer’s own material (COM).

“Since we were already using Customer Relation Management (CRM) on the platform, it only made sense that we should use an ERP that is integrated,” reports Source Outdoor IT Director Adrian Lopez. “Talking to Rootstock, we learned that we could be a beta site for their new Configurator that was being developed on the platform, not off platform as are other Salesforce-based ERP’s, and we decided to take advantage of this latest innovation. With it and the rest of the Manufacturing Cloud ERP software, only Rootstock could provide all that we need.”

With the Configurator, Source Outdoor can derive a set of components based on choices made from their customers, who can then obtain accurate and immediate estimates for various product designs. Upon order, the Configurator simplifies processes by automatically generating the sales and work orders that are necessary to fulfill their product requests once submitted. Meanwhile, it eliminates the need for Source Outdoor to carry specific BOMs (Bill of Materials) and Routings for every conceivable configuration they might build.

“The Configurator takes the guess work out of processing product requests,” emphasizes Pat Garrehy, CEO of Rootstock Software. “For example, when components are associated with a product, the Configurator will provide the full capabilities of our robust Sales Order Pricing engine and provide a fully customizable process. For instance, selection groups are modular, so users can have sub-selections within a selection. As a result, they will be able to eliminate certain options and require others based on the made selections. Components such as inventory items, labor steps, service items and others, function underneath the selections and are factored into the total price for the configuration.”

“With the Configurator, we are able to build a customized palette,” adds Lopez. “Because of the depth of the Rootstock ERP, we were able to create a base of selections and options to tailor it exactly to our needs. We were also impressed with the Rootstock Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module and how knowledgeable the Rootstock people were with manufacturing. We were able to build a great connection with them.”

Rootstock’s MRP is the software engine that uses the sales order and forecasts demands in conjunction with an effective production bill of material. By reviewing item inventory balances, it generates planned supplies in a time-phased manner to offset the outstanding demand for end items and sub-assemblies. Specifically, MRP generates what are termed planned work orders for manufactured items and planned purchase requisitions for purchase or subcontract items. For firmed (or greater supplies), it generates a reschedule or excess messages when, and if, appropriate.

About Source Outdoor

Since Source Outdoor was established in 2009, the company has dramatically expanded its offerings in contemporary wicker furniture and aluminum furnishing to awnings, railings, and custom upholstery to delivers a strong offering to the trade industry. As a result, the company expanded its headquarters and relocated its offices, warehouse, distribution center, and showroom to a 100,000 square foot new construction located on N.W. 36th Ave in Miami, FlaSource Outdoor is committed to offering its trade customers the finest in outdoor seating, dining, and lounging furniture at value-oriented price points. The company offers direct-container programs as well as an out-of-warehouse program.

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