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About Rootstock Software

Launched in 2008, Rootstock Software® is a proven provider of powerful and nimble Cloud ERP manufacturing, distribution and supply chain solutions that enable manufacturers and distributors to cut costs, improve processes, and increase revenue with minimal IT infrastructure investment. Rootstock Software provides the breadth and depth of solutions that today’s manufacturers and distributors need to efficiently operate and grow their businesses. The company offers the On Demand Cloud ERP solution for all sizes and types, whether they are small organizations with ten users or large operations with several sites and hundreds of users. Read More >>

"1st Light Energy was seeking a transformational, not traditional, solution to run our business and Rootstock emerged as the clear leader after an exhaustive evaluation of several leading on-premise and cloud-based vendors."

Justin Krum, Founder and President, 1st Light Energy

"We chose (Rootstock and FinancialForce.com) because together they had the tightest integration in the marketplace...and will enable our organization to sustain our flexibility and commitment to the customer."

Vadim Polikov, President and CEO of Astrum Solar

"Rootstock is the only vendor on the Force.com platform that can support our complex, project-oriented, engineer-to-order manufacturing environment today."

Frank Lowery, Director of IT, EBARA International
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