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On Demand Cloud ERP

Rootstock is ERP unleashed - enjoy all the benefits of traditional Manufacturing ERP online.

Expertly Developed

Rootstock was designed and architected by Manufacturing and software experts.

Robust Modules

Rootstock is packed with the extensive features you need in your ERP.

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Cloud ERP Manufacturing Software

Rootstock Software provides the breadth and depth of solutions that today’s manufacturers and distributors need to efficiently operate and grow their businesses. The company offers the On Demand ERP solution for all sizes and types, whether they are small organizations with ten users or large operations with several sites and hundreds of users.

Manufacturing Software Reimagined

The Rootstock Cloud ERP for Manufacturers supports requirements for many modes of manufacturing. It includes Sales Order Management, Purchase Order Management, Production Engineering, Inventory Control, Lot and Serial Control, Material Requirements Planning, Scheduling and Capacity Planning, Shop Floor Control, Manufacturing Cost Control (either standard costing or actual costing), Project Control, PLM integration, and full support of Multi Company, Multi Division, Multi Site enterprise requirements.

Salesforce ERP: Bringing the Best of ERP to the Cloud

The Rootstock solutions are enhanced by capabilities made possible only by the nimble nature of cloud environments. It enables real-time management of manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations from front to back, anytime and anywhere. Manufacturers and distributors can employ a single system to handle multiple sites and outsourced services while gaining centralized visibility across global operations. Organizations now have insight on what is happening or what will happen at each step of the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain processes.


"Their support has been excellent and they have an extremely knowledgeable staff with many, many years of manufacturing experience."

Mitch Cahn, Unionwear

"Our company tried and tested several manufacturing apps in the cloud, and Rootstock was, by far, the best app for our needs."

Melinda Treu, IPA Inc.

"I've worked with Rootstock for a couple of years now and have been consistently impressed by the team's domain expertise and professionalism."

Kevin Roberts, Financial Force

"1st Light Energy was seeking a transformational, not traditional, solution to run our business and Rootstock emerged as the clear leader after an exhaustive evaluation of several leading on-premise and cloud-based vendors."

Justin Krum, Founder and President, 1st Light Energy

"Rootstock's team of engineers and consultants bring deep knowledge of manufacturing and software processes to the table."

Stephen Simons, Astrum Solar

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Rootstock's customers come from a variety of different industries, some Rootstock customers include:





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