Rootstock Software Announces the Launch of the Rooted-In Customer User Group

Customer-led user group to provide year-round opportunities for Rootstock Cloud ERP users to engage with peers and share best practices

San Ramon, CA (May 31, 2022) – Emerging out of its 2022 Rooted-In Customer Success Conference, Rootstock Software announced that its clients have banded together to form and launch the Rooted-In Customer User Group. Building upon the enthusiasm and engagement ignited at the conference, users will now have an extended, year-round opportunity to share strategies, innovations, and best practices in using the Rootstock Cloud ERP solution.

Chad Wright, CIO at Boston Dynamics, volunteered to serve as a key chair for the Rooted-In User Group. Wright commented, “At the conference, we came together as a community and began to discuss the challenges we’ve all faced. I view Rootstock as a strategic partner in helping to solve these issues. This is one of the reasons I stepped forward to serve as a chair. It’s a way to impact the product and to advocate on behalf of our communal needs. There’s also tremendous opportunity to learn from one another.”

Many customers who attended the Rooted-In Customer Conference signed up and met during one of the breakout sessions to brainstorm ideas for ongoing meetings, peer-to-peer networking events, and continued learning opportunities.

Scott Schwab, CFO / Controller at SRW Products, will help facilitate user group initiatives. His company had managed its ERP implementation remotely during the pandemic. Schwab said, “The conference provided valuable face time with Rootstock and Salesforce experts, as well as with other users. For ongoing engagement with the user group, we’ve already managed to enlist various types of members, including CIOs, controllers, and operations managers.”

The user group continues to recruit and register participants. “I’d love for all Rootstock ERP users to join,” added Schwab. “Together, we’ll have a wealth of knowledge to exchange, and it’s going to be fun to support one another toward growth and our respective objectives.”

“We’re thrilled to see this groundswell of interest,” said David Stephans, President of Rootstock Software. “The user group is entirely customer driven, so members will decide on objectives and activities, but they have the complete support and backing of our company. By sharing success strategies, we feel customers will unlock even greater value from the ERP system.”

Caroline Santander, VP of Enablement and Partnerships at Rootstock, added: “Just before the conference, we had launched an enhanced version of the Rootstock Community. This online forum now delivers an improved experience and expanded capabilities. Within this Community, we’ll be able to carve out space for user group needs, discussions, and announcements.”

“The user group also presents a critical opportunity for Rootstock. We’ll stay involved and engaged, so we’re tuned into the voice of our customers,” concluded Stephans.

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